Welcome to Studio H, LLC a fine art school.

“If you dream it, you can achieve it.” We did and are excited to bring our combined artistic and creative souls to share with our home town, Fort Collins. Studio H, LLC is a fine arts studio for ages 5 through adult where we strive to provide a place purely for self-expression, individuality, and creativity as we guide every student through their artistic journey. We offer drawing and painting classes in all mediums (pencil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor, and water-soluble oils). Each student works at their own pace and level in their choice of medium based on the programs provided through an individualized teaching method. “Art has the role in education of helping individuals become like themselves instead of like everyone else.” Art is a never-ending adventure, come and start yours with Studio H, LLC.
“Katie was my art instructor for a wonderful 5 years. I came to her with absolutely no previous art instruction except for Mrs. Gray’s class in 7th grade. That was 60 years ago, so you can imagine that I needed some updating. To say the least, I was apprehensive, but this was completely different. Instead of Mrs. Gray saying why don’t you put that there or this color would be better, Katie gently led me to my own decisions. Yes, she showed me how to paint with water color, oils, and acrylics but it was always at my own pace and without criticism. I was amazed at what was hidden beneath my layers of self-doubt. Katie’s guidance helped me in art but perhaps her most valuable gift was to show me that I could successfully pursue other goals where I had previously doubted that I could succeed. I will miss her loving hand."
- Lynne, Adult
"You are the best art teacher in the world"
- Brooke, age 9
"I am so glad for you that you are moving, but very sad that I'm not gonna see you or be able to come to your awesome art classes that have taught me so much"
- Addie, age 7
"I feel that Katie has made a huge influence on me and taught me everything I know.
Flowers need love to bloom, you gave me love, I bloomed."

- Rebecca, age 8